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Welcome to MedSummer Fest, the event we've all been waiting for!

It's that time of the year... Time to celebrate the summer with our annual celebrations in various MedPlaya Hotels! Making your holiday an unforgettable experience, packed with fun, entertainment and new friends.

Thoughut the events there will be a variety of activities for you to enjoy: pool parties, water games and foam cannons will cool you off and guarantee fun in the sun, live music and much much more!

Enjoy fun, celebrations and unique experiences during your holiday at MedPlaya Hotels!

MedSummer Fest: Elementals, a celebration of the four elements

Earth, air, fire, and water

MedSummer Fest: Elementals, a celebration of the four elements

In this edition, the MedSummer Fest parties are inspired by the four elements: earth, air, fire, and water. Each of these elements represents aspects of nature and plays an essential role in the creation and balance of the world.

This year, we invite you to discover the essence of each of these elements that make up our universe: the solidity and stability of earth, the freedom and clarity of air, the passion and energy of fire, and the fluidity and purification of water.

Join our MedSummer Fest and live a unique experience with Elementals!

A flavorful journey

MedSummer cocktail

A flavorful journey

Let yourself be amazed by our official MedSummer Fest cocktail! This delicious drink is inspired by the unique aromas and flavors of the different coastal regions where our hotels are located.

Experience a fresh and exotic combination that captures the essence of summer with every sip. Don't miss out on this unique beverage exclusively prepared at the MedSummer Fests!

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