Rewarding our Repeat Customers


If you are not already an Amigo Card member, we invite you to join and that way you can benefit from our Reward Programme straightaway.

It is completely free to be a member and means you will enjoy extra benefits and services when you book with us, or stay with us.

Earn your first 20 points just for signing up.




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Earn Points & Gifts

You can earn points for each stay that you make in any of the hotels of our chain, the more stays you make the greater the advantages that you have.

Loyalty MedPlaya
Loyalty MedPlaya

Discounts when making your reservation:

Whenever you make a reservation at the Med Playa web site our system will automatically give you the option of discounting the number of points that you choose. You decide whether you wish to use all the points of the Amigo Card that you have accumulated or just a part of them.