Be green, Be MedPlaya

At MedPlaya Hotels, we understand the importance of caring for our planet and are aware of the significant impact the hotel industry can have on the environment. In response to this responsibility, we have implemented a series of eco-friendly initiatives and practices in our hotels.

We are constantly seeking ideas to reduce our ecological footprint and actively contribute to the preservation of our surroundings. Our commitment is to continue exploring ways to diminish our environmental impact, with a steadfast belief in building a more sustainable future. This effort reflects our dedication to sustainability and respect for the environment.

Be green, Be MedPlaya
Our commitment to the environment

Taking care of the planet

Our commitment to the environment

At MedPlaya, we have an environmental policy designed in alignment with our mission to care for the planet. To fulfil this vision, we have implemented measures aimed at significantly reducing our environmental impact.

Firstly, we have taken concrete actions, such as optimizing energy and water usage in our hotels, striving for efficiency and the reduction of unnecessary consumption. Additionally, we have worked on waste minimization, adopting eco-friendly practices that go beyond conventional regulations.

However, our environmental policy extends beyond operational actions; it encompasses a commitment to education and awareness. We believe in the importance of spreading the message of sustainability among our guests and employees. This approach reflects our conviction that true sustainability is intertwined with awareness and collective action.

Changing the future

Our objectives

Our objectives aim to minimize the use of natural resources, reduce waste, and decrease our carbon footprint to the maximum extent. To achieve this, we have implemented measures such as energy conservation, responsible water management, and the reduction of disposable plastics.

Our goals are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations. We focus on the key Sustainable Development Goals where we can make a significant impact:

Zero hunger
Gender equality
Clean water and sanitation
Affordable and non-polluting energy
Decent work and economic growth
Industry, innovation and infrastructure
Responsible production and consumption
Climate action

Commitments and actions

MedPlaya's journey towards sustainable tourism

Energy sustainability

At MedPlaya, we are determined to lead the way towards energy sustainability. That's why we have made a significant investment in installing solar panels in several of our hotels. This investment not only demonstrates our steadfast dedication to energy efficiency, but also our commitment to using renewable energy sources. We are determined to reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable world.

Plastic and waste reduction

Reducing plastics and waste is a priority for us. We strive to minimize the use of single-use plastics and promote environmentally-friendly practices in our hotels. This commitment goes beyond environmental concern; it reflects our strong purpose to keep the destinations where we operate clean and healthy.

Environmental initiatives

At MedPlaya, we don't settle for the conventional. We strive to be pioneers and innovators in the field of sustainability. Projects like "Agua KM0" to reduce plastic usage and "Winnow" to reduce and monitor food waste using artificial intelligence reflect our commitment to pushing boundaries and contributing positively to the community and the environment. These initiatives mirror our long-term vision and profound social responsibility.

Together for a greener planet

As a hotel group, we actively promote environmental awareness among our customers and take concrete steps to care for the planet. We encourage our guests to reduce their ecological footprint by promoting sustainable practices such as reducing plastic consumption, using public transportation, and offering bike rental services. We are committed to contributing to a more sustainable world and inspiring our customers to join this cause.

Social development and conservation of culture and nature

Harvesting positive changes

Social development and conservation of culture and nature

In MedPlaya hotels, social actions are carried out in various areas and for various purposes.

On a local level, our actions are primarily focused on treating illnesses, caring for flora and fauna, promoting local festivals, local culture, assisting less protected individuals, or collaborating with educational centres.

On a national or international level, our efforts are directed towards aiding disasters, poverty, or childhood issues, partnering with exemplary organizations such as Caritas and the Red Cross. Additionally, we also contribute to projects aimed at the training and employment of people with disabilities or at risk of social exclusion.

At MedPlaya Hotels, we maintain an active commitment to the most disadvantaged social groups and work alongside NGOs, foundations, and institutions in the development of numerous social action programmes.

Our mission is to promote sustainability and contribute to improving the social conditions in our areas of operation.

Recognitions for our work

Awards and certifications endorsing us

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in the various certifications we have obtained, among which we highlight the following:
BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology)

BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology): A globally leading method for assessing and certifying sustainability in building.

Hotel Pez Espada - Hotel Riviera - Hotel Flamingo Oasis - Hotel Riudor - Hotel Regente - The Agir Springs Hotel - Hotel Rio Park.


Travelife: A leading global certification body for training, management, and certification for tourism companies committed to achieving sustainability. MedPlaya consistently earns gold awards year after year in several of its hotels.

Hotel Pez Espada - Hotel Riviera - Hotel Bali - Hotel Alba Beach - Hotel Flamingo Oasis - Hotel Riudor - Hotel Regente - Hotel Rio Park- Hotel Calypso.


Ecostars: A certification for hotel sustainability known globally. It awards eco-stars based on the environmental impact per stay of an accommodation. Recognized by organizations such as the World Tourism Organization. 20 MedPlaya hotels have been certified with the Ecostar Sustainability seal.

With 3 Silver stars: Hotel Regente- Hotel Pez Espada - Hotel Riviera - * Hotel Vistamar- Hotel Esmeraldas.

With 2 Silver stars: Hotel Pino Alto - Hotel Calypso- Hotel Rio Park - The Agir Springs Hotel - Hotel Flamingo Oasis- Hotel Riudor- Hotel Sant Eloi.

With 1 Silver Stars: Hotel Alba Beach- Hotel Bali-*Hotel Monterrey- Hotel Santa Mónica- Hotel Bella Vista Beach Club.

Bioscore Sustainability

Bioscore Sustainability: This globally recognized platform specializes in sustainable tourism. It awards certifications through its proprietary management software and provides travellers with the option to choose accommodation based on sustainability criteria. MedPlaya has achieved 14 Bioscore Sustainability certifications.

Hotel Regente - Hotel Rio Park - Hotel Flamingo Oasis - Hotel Riudor - The Agir Springs Hotel - Hotel Pez Espada - Hotel Riviera - Hotel Bali - Hotel Alba Beach - Hotel San Eloi - Hotel Esmeraldas - Hotel Monterrey - Hotel Calypso - Hotel Santa Mónica.

These accreditations underline our commitment to maintaining high standards of sustainability and our willingness to be consistently evaluated in our performance in this area.

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