Invitado left a review on 09/06/2013

Good hotel needs work!

We stayed at the Riviera last week and had a lovely time. Food was good and a great location. Highlights of our stay where the Lionel Richie act and the Duo 'Te Switch'. Was great to stay in the hotel and have such great acts brought in to entertain us. Other Entertainment was not great but seemed to be improving after speaking with other guests about previous weeks! Needs more variety, its great to listen to the duo but there is only so much music I can take would love more events that had audience participation! Hopefully everything gets sorted out but overall a very pleasant holiday! Well done all. MartinSmith1 Reviewed 9 June 2013 TripAdvisorLLC

Invitado left a review on 05/06/2013

new hotel for us

Having not stayed at this hotel before we had nothing to compare it to, the reception was excelent,bedrooms also excelent,beds very big and comfortable,sheets towels changed as required, maid servic very good bathrooms excelent large shower only (no bath)evening entertainment average some good some bad, the main drawback for us was the food it was never hot and they kept changing where they put it, the tapas bar was very good great selection, all in all we would go back again. // Margaret03 reviewed 5 June 2013 TripAdvisorLCC) //

Invitado left a review on 03/06/2013

Good first visit

Having holidayed for 17 years in Benalmadena in an apartment, my husbands health meant that we needed hotel facilities. We chose the Riviera because we had visited friends who were staying there last year and were very impressed by the facilities and entertainment. Just want to mention a couple of negatives. The entertainment was absolutely dire. It was 'organised' (and I use that phrase very loosely) by two very young girls, one of whom was more interested in her own reflection than the guests. They were very inexperienced and the whole atmosphere was very flat, on one evening it was so bad that a group of guests sent a deputation to reception. The only relief were the signers brought in from outside occassionaly and the lovely jazz duo. We very much felt that, as the hotel had only been open two weeks, that we were being experimented on. The other issue is the toilet facilities around the pool. You really had to make up your mind that you needed to go before you did. The toilet on the pool area was accessed down a very poorly lit steep flight of steps or a ramp which I would defy tarzan to push a wheelchair up and down. Otherwise you had to go down steps, up in the lift to reception, along a long corridor to the only gents loo in reception. Not good if you are disabled. Positively, I can't understand the comments about the food or queue for tables in the dining room, never had to wait ourselves, food was delicious, varied and always hot. Roberto, the matre d and his team were wonderful and very helpful. The rooms were excellent, we had 607 which was a superior room and had a sun lounger on the large balcony and got more or less all day sun. Huge beds and very comfortable, very spacious with a lovely bathroom. Excellent maid service. Lift down to the promenade is great and gave us the chance to have some lovely strolls along after dinner, in the wheelchair, so that we could escape the entertainment. It would have been nice for the Manager to mix more with the guests, he was seen sometimes, not making eye contact heading for his office, but other than that was not visible. The Thompson rep Christina was perhaps the best holiday rep that we had ever met, so very helpful. Would most definately go back but only if the entertainment is greatly improved. Don't want Las Vegas shows but simply professional entertainment. // SueColin. booked through Thomson. Reviewed 3 June 2013 TripAdvisorLCC //

Invitado left a review on 31/05/2013

May Holiday

This was a new refurbished couples hotel by Thomson. Rooms very comfortable, Had to wait to be seated at dining room sometimes up to 10 minutes, food was very poor, never very warm, popular dishes were not replenished on a regular basis. Coffee always luke warm at breakfast, again food luke warm. Entertainment was shocking. At start of second week some people who were regular visitors to this hotel requested a meeting with the Thomson management team. This resulted in the resident entertainment team being sacked and another duo employed who were not much better. Various artists were equally as bad. The Hotel had no atmosphere and certainly not what one would expect from a 4* hotel. Guests were going home to cancel trips for later in the year. //Booked through Thomson. Reviewed 31 May 2013 TripAdvisorLCC //