Did you know there is an archipelago, officially known as Republic of Kiribati, in the Pacific Ocean? Well, one of its islands, called Kirimati (also known as ‘Christmas’), is the first populated area in the world to receive the New Year, as it is bordering the International Date Line.

I know you all want to see where it is!

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Some interesting facts:

The Republic of Kiribati used to be a colony belonging to the UK, and during the Second World War was occupied by Japan. It became independent recently, in 1979.

It was discovered by the Europeans in 1777, on the 24th of December (its name is not a coincidence).

Kiribati consists of about 32 atolls and one solitary island (Banaba). It is conformed by four groups of islands: Banaba, Gilbert Islands, Phoenix Islands and Line Islands.

Its main island chain, the Gilbert Islands, were named after their discoverer, the British explorer Thomas Gilbert.

This country covers an area of 313 square miles, with an approximate population of 103,500 people, which means it is overpopulated.

Kiribati actively participates in organizations against climate change.


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