The grounds of the Convention and Exhibitions Centre of Torremolinos will host the next months of July, August and September, the exhibition “Dinosaur Park”, one of the biggest events in Europe and that in recent years has visited  the main cities of central and northern Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, Pamplona, Vigo, Girona, etc.). After the first opening, the show organizers chose to remain stable in Torremolinos and join the complementary tourism offer.

dinosaur park exhibition in TorremolinosThe project promotes Euroreplicadero Corunna Society. The exhibition allows the visitors to merge into the world of the dinosaurs, their lifestyle, their diet, etc. Some of the reproductions reach height of 12 meters with mechanisms of movement and sound that gives these pieces unique technological realism. The “originality” and “uniqueness” that involves incorporating of the “Dinosaur Park” to the attractions of Torremolinos will enrich the tourist offer in the Costa del Sol.

“Dinosaur Park” is divided into four episodes, structured so that visitors can gain insight and spatiotemporal progression of the age of dinosaurs: “Beginning of Life”, “Paleontology. Discovering Fossils” “The world of dinosaurs” and “Dinosaurs Extinction”.


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