Spain is known for its good climate and quality of life. This is thanks to its fortunate location in a temperate zone of the earth. Its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea allows for pleasant temperatures in the summer while winters are mild.

The Mediterranean is connected to the rest of the world’s oceans basically by a small opening of just around 14km that separates Spain from Africa. Consequently, the water temperature is refreshing but not cold and with a distinctive salt level. This results in amazing beaches, most of them covered in white sand as result of sediments left by rivers and the sea’s ancient erosion.

On the other hand there is also the coast in the north and west of Spain. This area is fascinating, unlike the Mediterranean where the environment is warm and might remind us of a tropical area, the north is cool, green and wild due to contact with the Atlantic Ocean and its climate. The nature and summer heat meet to give the visitor an extreme sense of purity and vitality that will remain forever in their memory.

If you are lucky to find yourself in Spain on holiday, we recommend these five beaches where you will feel as if in paradise.

1 – Playa Grande in Tossa de Mar, Girona

If you are looking for a quiet, charming and romantic place, Tossa de Mar is ideal. The skyline of this town is very characteristic, it has a wall and towers surrounding the old town through which you can stroll and enjoy the views.

Tossa de Mar Medplaya Costa Brava Holidays

2 – Isla de Tabarca, Alicante

To suddenly find an island like Tabarca after sailing for just some time is a great experience that you will never forget. Just one hour by boat from Alicante, Tabarca and its beaches await you. You will find golden sand, some gravel, moderate waves and amazing views.

Tabarca Isla alicante medplaya hotel vacaciones holidays

3 – Cala del Tio Ximo, Benidorm

In Benidorm, after the Sierra Helada -an ideal place to stroll with nature on one side and the Mediterranean on the other- you will find the small hidden cove of Tio Ximo. Its location makes it ideal for nudists (although it is not considered as such) and also diving.

Cala Tio Ximo Bernidorm Medplaya holidays vacaciones hotel

4 – Playa de La Barrosa, Cádiz

Cadiz is the land of joy, and La Barrosa is the beach that emulates it. You can walk on the vast expanse of golden sand and its crystalline waters to bathe and enjoy all the necessary amenities for a good day (since it is very close to the sea promenade). For those of you who enjoy history, the beach of La Barrosa, was the scene where the French troops of Napoleon fought against the Spanish in 1811 (first to win and then to lose). From that time there are a few remains that frame the view of the beach: Torre Bermeja on one side and Torre de Puerco on the other. Pure living history!

La Barrosa by Jose Manuel Otero Ariza*Picture by José Manuel Otero Ariza

5 – Playa de Vega, Asturias

In the area of Ribadesella, all the beaches will leave you breathless. But there’s especially one that you can not miss, Playa de la Vega. It is a giant beach, with amazing dunes, surrounded by a rough, crude and natural landscape that provides a spectacular view of the Asturian coast. If you like nature and want to enjoy time on the beach, do not miss it!

Playa de la Vega Medplaya vacaciones hotel Austrias


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