Small paradisiacal coves, alleys to fall in love, unforgettable sunsets… the Costa Brava has many attractive things, but without a doubt, one of the most important is its gastronomy. All along this coast we find incredible restaurants that will make us feel like kings while we taste the typical dishes of the area.
If you ask any fan of the Costa Brava about the star dish of the area, without any doubt he will recommend the “pa amb tomàquet” (bread rubbed with tomato), which with a little oil and salt is the best known recipe of Catalan cuisine.
But we must not forget the great importance that the sea plays in the gastronomy of the Costa Brava. Sea urchins, known as “garotes”, are one of the greatest delights that the sea offers. Simply, the urchins are open in half, are cleaned and are usually accompanied by a slice of bread. You will be surprised by their taste!
Another traditional delight of the Costa Brava are rice dishes. Although it can be cooked in many ways, black rice is the best known. Cooked very slowly to get the flavors in their maximum splendor, you add squid ink or cuttlefish for the color and taste.
Finally, we can not forget the “suquet“, the typical dish that fishermen cooked on their boats and that delight all those who try it. It is prepared in a Catalan iron casserole with fish, potatoes and herbs for high and fast cooking. You can not leave the Costa Brava without trying it!
Which one will you try first? We really can’t decide!


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