It is a park with magnificent views, large gardens, lookout tower and a lake- essential component of the park, a favorite place of the citizens and visitors of Torremolinos.

Battery Park, now one of the largest urban parks in Andalusia. It was created by the city of Torremolinos and enriched with four French guns Schneider, manufactured in Asturias in 1917, truly spectacular, they are a real draw historical and tourist, especially if you consider that there were produced only about two hundred of these units, becoming a cultural reference in the place where they are located.

Mirador Battery Park Torremolinos

The Park is located in the north of Montemar and includes parking, gardens  basic services and an area of 650m2 of children’s playground, also a bike path parallel to the perimeter of the park. There are 74,000 square meters with five main roads, five meters wide, paved, two roundabouts and two ornamental marble fountains. Other side trails invite you to walk into in the areas covered with vegetation, which is a part of the former flora of the area.

The park is easily accessible from the center of Torremolinos, as it has three entrances along the avenues of Carmelo, Calle Violín and Avenida Carlota Alessandri. If you arrive with your own car, you should be aware that parking can accommodate 143 vehicles, six reserved for people with disabilities .

Avenida del Carmelo, s/n



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