Although packing a suitcase is a very personal event, we can observe some standardized features that show our way of traveling. Do you wanna know what kind of traveler you are? You might identify yourself with more than one!

Scheduler: Everything is under control from the first minute

Many months in advance you start to think about it so as not to let improvisation invade your trip. You write a list to make sure you have everything you need and if you are missing something, buy it immediately so you don’t forget. From home, you’ve already looked for the taxi stand that will take you to the hotel and booked the tickets for that musical you don’t want to miss. As a good planner, your suitcase is perfectly organized and structured. Different combinations of clothing, taking into account the possibility of rain, wind and… snow! You also need a travel guide to make the most out of your trip and not miss a single detail of the destination. After all, most likely after you finish packing, you still think you left something behind.

Last Minute: Don’t mess around or waste too much time with your suitcase

The day before your trip, while you’re having a gin and tonic with your friends, you think it’s the perfect time to go home and see what you’re grabbing for your vacation. There is no need to get complicated, with four things (almost literally speaking), it will be enough to enjoy a few days of dreaming. When you’re done, you don’t know if you have put your toothbrush in or if you put your pajamas in. You tell yourself that it can’t be, that this isn’t life, that what a silly way to start your vacation and you close the door of your house with the unfortunate feeling of not having any idea of the things you’ve put in your suitcase.

Adventurer: The one who is not afraid of anything. Tries new things and never says NO

Are you the type who prefers a backpack instead of a suitcase? You like to discover the world at every step, so your luggage is practical and complete. There will never be a lack of good mountain or sports boots, comfortable and light clothing to live the maximum of adventures and anecdotes in each destination. Every day is a challenge and you travel on the go. Adventurer, the world is at your feet!

Challenger of the laws of physics: Everything has to fit in one suitcase…. and if not, there will be space in another’s

You pack your suitcase and you’re aware that there’s no room for everything you want to take, but you keep adding more and more things. In your mind you assume you have an extra space… inside your companion’s suitcase! Once at the destination, you are completely disengaged from the planning and organization of the trip. Anyway, there’s always someone who cares about that.


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