Andalusia has no ‘skyscrapers’ comparable to those in Madrid. However, in some municipalities in the west of Almeria, an area with strong economic growth, are being projected buildings to overcome the barrier of 100 meters. The two tallest buildings are historic buildings found in Andalucía, the Giralda in Seville (97 meters) and the Tower of the Cathedral of Málaga (93 meters).

SEVILLE. With its 97 meters, Giralda is still the tallest building in Seville. Unwritten but scrupulously kept rules are followed by the architects whose designs will not exceed the height of  the main symbol of the city, which began as a tower minaret of the mosque of the twelfth century, however had some successive enlargements until in 1568 when there was placed Giraldillo– the sculpture that crowns the Giralda of Seville, whose real name is Triumph (Colossus) of Victorious Faith.

MÁLAGA. Cathedral of Málaga was built in 1528 on the site of the old mosque at the time of its reconquest by the Catholic Monarchs in 1487. The north tower soars to 93 meters. Located to the left of the main facade, the first two bodies of the structure have the same proportions as the two heights of the central structure.
The Cathedral has its own gardens and a beautiful courtyard with orange trees reminiscent of the old mosque.


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