Although April is famous for its rains, it can be a great month to enjoy the early summer sun. Today we bring you the best destinations in Spain to visit in April.


Barcelona is a mosaic of architectural styles, from dark and Gothic facades to colourful modernist buildings. A day to admire them can be completed with a sunset on one of the seven beaches of the city before dining at gastronomic temples with Michelin stars or at the humble tapas bars. Barcelona has a relaxed pace, months of endless sunshine, unbeatable food, with the cultural and design influence of almost any city in the cold north.

Costa Brava

The Costa Brava is one of the most romantic, beautiful and unspoiled coastal areas in Europe. With wild nature in some places and good taste in others, the Costa Brava has some of the best Blue Flag beaches in Europe; wide and sandy expanses with beautiful horseshoe shaped bays and secluded coves hidden among pine trees. At the same time it is a paradise for gastronomy lovers, having one of the highest concentrations of chefs with Michelin stars in Spain, not to mention the magnificent wines produced locally.


Split from the rest of the country by the natural boundary of Sierra Morena, the southernmost region of Spain has an area larger than the Netherlands, which extends from the Atlantic in the west to the snowy peaks of the Sierra Nevada and the arid landscape of Almería in the east. Andalusia has more than 500 miles of coastline with an amazing variety of beaches. On the Costa de la Luz, in the Atlantic, La Antilla has 14 miles of golden sand, while the coves of the Costa Tropical in the Mediterranean are flanked by groves of mangoes, avocados and cherimoyas. The 700 years of Arab civilization left a splendid cultural legacy, not only in the great cities of Seville, Cordoba and Granada, but throughout the region.


Eating sardines freshly caught in the sea is one of the great pleasures of life, and the beaches on either side of Malaga are the perfect place to do that, especially after a morning at the Picasso and Carmen Thyssen museums. Unlike some Spanish cities, it does not stop in summer, and is particularly lively during the Feria de Málaga in mid-August, when even the shyest visitors can meet the locals for a walk around the streets. Although there is much to see and do, Malaga is really a place to relax and enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle.


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