Vivaldi, Bach, Mozart, Falla, Ravel… The repertoire of Sinfonity is a pleasant and exciting experience. Tradition, purity in a surprising present  form that aims to bring classical music to young people and give a new perspective to music lovers of all ages. Enjoy their Concert in Málaga (27 to 29 September, Cervantes Theatre Málaga).

Sinfonity- first electric guitar orchestra in MalagaThe first concert of Sinfonify was at the opening ceremony of the Merida Theater Festival 2011. It was played Salinas Requiem. Everyone involved in the concert were intoxicated with the potential that had this orchestra, and since then there is a stable group that keeps growing and  researching new repertoire.

Sinfonify playing Vivaldi’s Four Seasons...Enjoy it! This week live in Málaga!!


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