Are you planning to spend your holidays in Europe? Do you want to continue using your smartphone as if you were at home? Today we bring a guide with everything you need to know in order to avoid unpleasant surprises on your mobile phone bill. Whether you live in the old continent or you come from abroad, you will surely be interested.

Last summer the EU announced that roaming would be free, but after one year running, it doesn’t seem as cool as we expected. There are companies that set limits for using it or charge extra when you use it often.

How does it work? Roam like at Home, as the European Union’s new roaming policy is officially called, seeks to ensure that users pay the same rate as they have contracted in their country when calling or using their mobile phone from abroad. In other words, it is not a special or limited rate, but one that is contracted under the same conditions, whether it is a contract or prepaid customer.

In which countries does it work? Please note that the elimination of roaming is only valid in the European Union and partner countries. In total there are 31 countries, which you can consult in this list. They are the 28 of the European Union plus Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. Beware because Andorra and Switzerland are left out. The UK enters into the agreement until the Brexit becomes official. Even if it leaves the EU, it could still maintain the roaming agreement.

Is there a limit? There are limits to use as the European Union has established that consumers should use their mobile phones more in their own country than when travelling. This is to prevent someone from contracting a cheaper rate in another country and employing it in their own state. To prevent this, carriers can detect if a customer has been abusing roaming for four months and may charge surcharges. These surcharges have changed as of January 1.

There are no limits to voice calls and SMS. You can use them free of charge as much as your contract in your local country indicates, as the same rates apply as at home. Roaming limits only affect the mobile Internet and the data you consume.

Roaming outside the EU. If you come from a country outside the EU, free roaming does not apply. You must pay a roaming fee which is usually very expensive. Check your contract.


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