When you visit a destination for the first time, it is essential to plan the trip well in advance. If you are considering visiting Spain and its fantastic coastline, we will try and answer some of the most frequently asked questions by first-time visitors.

What is the best time to travel to Spain?

Spain enjoys one of the best climates in Europe for most of the year. However, the best time to visit the Spanish coast is between May and October, when the summer weather invades the streets and the beaches are the best escape to fight the heat . In any case, if you prefer to visit in the off-season, winter temperatures are mild and the sun keeps shining almost every day.

Will I have problems with the language?

The official language of Spain is Spanish and in some regions such as Catalonia, Valencia or the Basque Country, also have their own language. In popular tourist areas such as large cities and coastal towns, a large part of the population speaks English and/or French. On the other hand, unlike what might happen in other countries, it is not frowned upon by Spaniards if you don’t know how to speak their language, and they will always be willing to try and help you with whatever you need.

What’s the food like in Spain

We can assure you that many of the traditional dishes in Spanish cuisine will delight you, from the fish, to the meats, to the rice dishes … There are endless possibilities for all tastes!

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