Carrying luggage through the airport can be a pain, as any frequent traveler will tell you. A new suitcase called “Hop” is looking to change all of that,by using signals from your cell phone to go hands-free.

According to its inventor Rodrigo García, the suitcase comes equipped with three sensors to identify and triangulate the Bluetooth signal from your phone, using those to pick you out of a crowd.To function uses Bluetooth connectivity, and through various sensors calculated over the phone triangulation to define the orientation and layout of displacement. On the mechanical side, has a caterpillar system based on compressed air to facilitate the journey to any surface or obstacle, such as stairs.

Suitcase Hop automatically follows its userIn addition, the phone alerts you when it’s stolen. The project has been a finalist in the International Competition of European Inventions and is expected to help those who have problems with loading suitcases as elderly, disabled or big families.

The suitcase without wheels has been named  ‘Hop‘ and is prepared to climb stairs, explains Rodrigo. The inventor explained that his invention is a basic prototype and it still lacks improvements in order to be presented to the market.


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