Are you looking for a new destination for a day out? Witness wolves in an exceptional environment,  observe them in a semi-natural habitat. A short distance from Antequera you will find the Lobo Park, where you may look at a wolf eye to eye for the first time in your life – an unforgettable emotional experience!

Parque de Lobos AntequeraIn the summer from May until October and on full moon evenings are organized Wolf Howl Nights.
After a dinner  is prepared a guided night tour. The guided tour teaches about wolves in general, but we also focus on their vocalizations and specifically why wolves howl.  Audiences are always thrilled when they let out a howl, and the wolves howl in return especially in a night with a clear sky full of stars or even during full moon. 

You will definitely experience an unforgettable day!

Price for the diner and the guided night tour (7:30pm – mid night): Adults 28.00€ and children (from 3 – 12 years) 22.00€. Book the visit calling at 952 03 11 07 or sending an email to

Watch the video about the Lobo Park in Antequera.


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