Since 2008 MedPlaya has implemented an environmental policy that follows the key global principles and criteria required for a sustainable tourism programme. Thus, the hotel chain, with 17 hotels spread throughout the peninsula, has been working and reviewing all its processes for more than a decade, constantly reducing its ecological footprint as a company and trying to take part in the environmental fight. And, after all these years of work, MedPlaya has been recognized with the Corporate Social Responsibility Award at CaixaBank Hotels & Tourism Awards.

In the second edition of the award, organized by CaixaBank, a leading financial institution in the hotel sector, MedPlaya has managed to make its commitment to the planet visible with this award. The jury identified the actions and achievements of our hotels in two key categories: the elimination of single-use plastics and reducing food waste. Some examples of our sustainable victories are the reduction in the use of 5.8 million individual pieces of plastic and an exhaustive and complete control in the technical planning of the menu and the recipes.

But above all, at MedPlaya we believe that this social struggle has only just begun and it is urgent that we continue to contribute to the improvement of the global environmental situation. In this regard, we have already set out to achieve goals by the end of this new year 2020, such as reaching 7.000.000 eliminated disposable plastic items or reducing wasted food by 25%, resulting in a decrease of a total of 27.000 kg per year of discarded food.

In addition, it should be noted that MedPlaya has already received previous recognition for its application of sustainable policies, being awarded the Travelife prize, highly recognized in the tourism industry and highly valued by many tour operators and agencies.

Receiving another prize, this time the Corporate Social Responsibility Award, means that at MedPlaya we have made the first steps to collaborate with the protection of our environment; but, specially, this award is a clear message to keep following this path and encourages us to work day by day to reduce more and more our environmental impact.


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