A hotel just a meters away from the beach, with magnificent views, recently renovated, highlighted by a welcoming atmosphere and outstanding customer service. So enchanting is the Medplaya Hotel Riviera ****, in Benalmádena Costa, Costa del Sol.

Hotel Riviera Award Sustainable Hotel

J.M.Bordera- General Manager of the Medplaya Hotels Costa del Sol received the Certificate ´Sustainable Hotel`and Award ´A True Commitment to Sustainability

ISTur Award

A Real Commitment to Sustainability

We are pleased to announce to all our guests, followers and friends that on January 28, 2015 Hotel Riviera has received the Hospitality Award, the Award A True Commitment to Sustainability and the Certificate ´Sustainable Hotel´, granted by the ISTur Group (Institute for Sustainable Tourism) at Fitur 2015 (International Tourism Fair).

Sustainable HotelsThe president of the Institute Jesus Felipe Gallego gives the Hospitality Award to the manager of the Hotel Mr. Miquel Bordera as well as to the following 10 professionals selected by their colleagues. The award recognizes their continued involvement with hospitality, highlighting their attitude, professionalism and excellent disposition towards people:

  1. Dña. Juana Valiente Borrego (Pisos)
  2. D. Alberto Díaz Marquina (Cocina)
  3. Dña. Angelika Trave Trave (Restaurante)
  4. D. Antonio Jesús Durán Raimundo (Bar)
  5. D. Víctor Bordera Sanchis (Recepción)
  6. Dña. Elena Jiménez Robles (Recepción)
  7. Dña. Dolores Valiente Borrego (Pisos)
  8. D. Fernando José Cava Pérez (Recepción)
  9. Dña. Vanda Lehnerova (Guest Relations)
  10. Dña. Libertad Neves López (Spa)

The Hospitality Award is a recognition of those who are constantly involved with the hospitality, their positive attitude in the way they interact with others, their attention, generous help and empathy in their relationships. Definitely, the hospitality is understood as a way of life which becomes a reality at work or in the community to which one belongs.


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