Lifestyle Mediterranean: Diet and leisure

The Mediterranean lifestyle is one of the most popular lifestyles today, due to the food and leisure, as well social relationships. We explain to you what the two pillars consist of.

Food: Wisdom in food combination

Abundance of fruits and vegetables: It is a fundamental part of the nutrition contribution of the meal for all populations on the shores of the Mediterranean. About 5 servings of fruit or vegetables a day is the most common. For example, an apple at mid-morning (1), for lunch a salad and some vegetables (2), on the snack time a piece fruit (1) and at night a vegetables soup (1)

Legumes: They are an important source of energy, the chickpeas and lentils with their delicious stews never disappoint; fabada, garbanzos con chorizo…

Olive oil: That’s right, but not cooked, raw. In a day a table spoon (for example, you can take this quantity with the salad that we have mentioned above, and also dash of olive oil on the vegetables). Olive oil is the fat that the most consumed, leaving very far the butter, lard and margarine that are used for specific recipes.

Fish: Highlighting the blue fish, which contains omega 3 … If you go to Marbella you have to go to the moragas!

Bread: An indispensable companion!

Variety: This is one of the main keys, because red and white meats, potatoes and others, but always with a nutritional balance that the Mediterranean diet itself has been transmitting generation after generation

It should be noted that UNESCO awarded the Mediterranean diet the category of Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Leisure: Enjoyable conversation and enjoying the company of others

Walks: The sea and nature all along the Mediterranean coasts has always invited philosophers, and inhabitants and the whole world to enjoy the natural beauty under the sun.

Communication: The Mediterranean sea has been the path where merchants of all civilizations have reached new destinations, this means that all them have been in constant flow of communication. Moreover, since ancient times, in the case of Spain, this territory has been land of passage and gateway to Europe. A circumstance that has made the population hospitable to newcomers and guests.

The cafés: George Steiner already said in his book “The idea of Europe” that Europe is its cafés. This element is also characteristic of the mediterranean vide style. Bars and cafes have been meeting places for everyone. Always full and with some hubbub because of the many conversations.

Talks while having a meal: Meals last much longer than it really takes, it is because you take the time to sit down together around the table to talk. These moments strengthen the ties between people, this is clearly something important in the Mediterranean character.



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