The Málaga Film Festival has become, in recent years, the Spanish platform to broadcast and promote the national movies. This festival has become an international benchmark and since 1998 has experienced a meteoric growth.

Creativity and innovation are the most important characteristics of this event and it has a lot of important sponsors who give it more prestige to this festival.

Short films , documentaries and films are projected in different spaces across the city of Malaga. The Cervantes Theatre is perhaps the most important point of this ceremony, but we must also name the classic and iconic Cine Albeniz, the warm and charismatic Echegaray theater as well as the cultural center.

Festival Cine Malaga

In total 178 tapes will be shown from April 18 to Sunday 26 April (see schedule in the link below);
Málaga Film Festival Programme

Movie lovers can enjoy documentaries, short films or samples of Latin American cinema and we can’t forget to mention the tributes. Antonio de la Torre ( born in Málaga) will receive the award Málaga SUR. Probably ‘Talk’, the latest Film from Joaquín Oristrell and “How to survive a farewell” are of the most anticipated titles this weekend.

The great award of this ceremony is the “Biznaga de Oro” and it will be given on Saturday 28 at the Cervantes Theatre in a ceremony hosted by catalan presenter and comedian Andreu Buenafente.

We are proud that this film festival, the 18th edition, will be held in our city and we hope that the opening of the two new museums in Málaga (Pompidou and Russian museum) helps Costa del Sol to become , once again, the tourist reference within the Europe.

We invite you to visit any of the designed spaces for the movie projections and we hope you’ll enjoy the week of Spanish cinema.


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