It’s been a few weeks since we said goodbye to 2017 and it’s time to look back and find out what the most successful articles of the year were on our blog.

  1. What drinks to try in Spain apart from Sangria and wine?

Summer, heat, beach… when the sun comes up we need to refresh ourselves and Spain is the best place to discover traditional and refreshing drinks. We know you’re thinking about the sangria… but there are many more! We discover them in this publication.

drinks Spain

  1. Prepare your holidays: what you can’t miss on a trip to the Mediterranean coast

Planning a trip is essential if you’ve never visited the destination before. If you have already chosen to visit Spain and its coast or if you are doubting, we bring you the answer to some fundamental questions so that you can make up your mind.

  1. How was Benidorm some years ago?

Although we all now know Benidorm and there are many who spend their summer there, we should not forget that a few years ago Benidorm was not like it is now: virgin beaches and a small village remind us that time passes for everyone. You can’t miss this collection of historical photos of Benidorm!

2. Goodbye, roaming! What next?

Last June 15 was a day of history: the famous (and hated) roaming officially disappeared throughout the European Union. In case you still don’t know what it is, roaming is the surcharge charged by phone companies for calling or surfing the Internet from a country other than your own. This surcharge has been eliminated after more than 10 years of negotiations and, at last, European citizens will be able to use their mobile phones as if they were in their own country wherever they are.

1. The best of our MedPlaya50 parties

Last 2017 we were celebrating: MedPlaya celebrated its 50th anniversary and we celebrated it with great joy. At all MedPlaya hotels we celebrate our anniversary party with games, special shows, anniversary cakes, gifts for guests and many surprises.


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