Those who have already visited these parties will surely be dying to repeat. Those who still don’t know what Cartojal is, where Peña Juan Breva is, don’t know what the verdiales sound like, or haven’t tried a good chocolate waffle in the early morning to get your strength back, stay alert.

1. Know the program of festivities

We recommend take a look at the City Council website to see what actions and activities they have prepared for this 2018 edition. You can also find extra information on the website of Malaga tourism.

2. The’night of the fires’

It’s one of the most important moments the starting point. On 10th August, the opening speech will take place, which will give way to a show of lights and colours, of fireworks. Four years ago, 820 kilos of pyrotechnic material were used which, for more than 18 minutes, formed up to 32 different artistic sequences. They are launched from the port area of the city, in the area of the Malagueta, hence the beach of the same name is one of the places that Malagueños and regular visitors choose to enjoy them in first line.

3. A real fair

If you are looking to see horse-drawn carriages, men dressed in shorts and women in flamenca dresses or in verdiales, marengas or malagueñas dresses, those typical of Malaga folklore, it is best to go to the Paseo del Parque, in the heart of the city, to see the concentration of horses and pilgrims and then follow the Romería to the Sanctuary of La Victoria, to which a floral offering is made.

4. For all tastes

The fair in Malaga has a’day fair’ in the centre of the city and a’night fair’, which takes place in the Real de la Feria, in the Cortijo de Torres. Over the years, this duality has mutated and in these moments we can say that in the big week of Malaga there are stages for all ages, proposals for all tastes, both in one place and another. Depending on what you’re looking for, you’ll have to walk around one place or another. For children, in the main arteries of the city, you will find workshops and games, children’s theatre, magic shows, puppets, etc.

5. The perfect outfit

It is essential to wear shoes that do not disturb and to avoid sandals or beach flip-flops so as not to be damaged by broken glass on the floor. The rest, to the taste of the carny: sunglasses, hat, fans, some flowers in the hair to put us more flamenca than ever…


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