In the 50’s, especially 60’s and 70’s the Malaga Costa del Sol experienced a tourist boom without precedent. Foreign exchange and currency came as fresh air in the country: the phenomenon of tourism exceeded the purely economic to encompass other aspects-social, cultural, artistic, ideological, at that time insufficiently explored. Spanish films dedicated to the Costa del Sol at the time we use to reconstruct the landscape of a golden age and  were made on the basis of topics: sun, beach, sangria,  flamenco and paella. Topics were undoubtedly very real, but they did not portray at all cosmopolitanism, tolerance, fun and zest for life that summed up the true spirit of the coast.

Medplaya Hotel Pez Espada, Torremolinos


 And the star on the sky was and always will be a town: Torremolinos.  A fishing village converted from one day to another to a synonymum of  celebration, freedom and multiculturalism. Today Torremolinos and the Costa del Sol remains first and most favourite international tourist destination in Europe.  With its hotel capacity and activity of Malaga airport, though the summer has been democratized and is no longer the privilege of eccentrical aristocrats and adventurers. But it still breathes the glamour of the pioneers, first entrepreneurs, hospitality workers and visitors. This article is dedicated especially to all those who believed and still believe that Torremolinos is more than just a summer destination.


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