Benalmádena during the day has a reputation for being a quiet place to enjoy the sun and the beach, but also a place of reference on the Costa del Sol for nightlife. There you will find a great variety of bars and clubs for all musical tastes.

After a relaxing day on the beach and enjoying a tourist route visiting the essential sites of Benalmádena, know the nightlife may be the best option to end the day.

The best way to familiarize you with the atmosphere is to let yourself be carried away by the centre of the town. This first contact is will allow you to see the multitude of bars and restaurants to eat tapas or a la carte dinner to fill your stomach. In spite of the sardines and the “pescaíto frito” that are without a doubt the kings of the gastronomy of this region, two of the most typical dishes that you must try are the migas con leche and the cazuela cachorreña.

In the Benalmádena at night, there are two main areas:

Plaza Solymar in which you can find great clubs such as the famous KIU which consists of four floors, each of them dedicated to a musical style.

The area of Puerto Marina where you can find many bars, cafes and also several nightclubs. One of the most popular and peculiar bars is Boal’s Ice Bar, known as the coldest bar in Spain, since the temperature is -14 degrees and everything is made of ice.

Are you clear on what your night is going to be like?


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