The Festival of Arts and Cultural Trends Málaga 2013 is back!

The music event whose objectives is to provide a platform for new artists, enabling the diffusion of knowledge and experience and convert the capital into a reference and the epicenter of the movement associated with urban culture.

There isn’t a city in Spain that does not have artistic groups associated with this movement. They actively participate through art, music, dance and sports, making them feel they are part of a cultural community, which not only mere spectators, but actors.

And Málaga is not an exception. The city streets breaths an urban culture that thousands of young people live day to day, thus constituting one of the most dynamic communities in the province in terms of movements and artistic activities.

The Festival of Arts and Trends will be held at La Térmica on August 3. Doors open at 18:30 pm, but not until 20:00 pm when the concerts start.


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