Are you one of those who at the end of each year write a list of wishes or New Year’s resolutions? If you do, keep reading to discover a few travel ideas and places to visit for an unforgettable holiday and great experiences.

Watching the sunset from Benidorm

If you think of the Costa Blanca, you will surely come across an image full of light. But when night falls and the sky turns reddish, the Levantine coast becomes one of the most beautiful and memorable images the Mediterranean. The Serra Gelada (Sierra Helada) is the perfect place to enjoy a stunning view of the city and its skyscrapers as the sun merges with the sea.

Take a balloon ride over Torremolinos

Have you ever been on a hot air balloon? Without a doubt, this is one of life’s best experiences. There are many places where you can enjoy this wonderful experience and Torremolinos is one of them. This area of the Costa del Sol has spectacular scenery and the best way to admire it is with a balloon ride. What do you expect to add Torremolinos to your list of travel ideas for this year?

Diving in the Medes Islands

The enormous biological diversity of these islands of the Costa Brava and their easy access have made this place one of the favorite for lovers of scuba diving. However, you don’t have to be a professional to enjoy this beautiful spectacle of nature with snorkeling and if you’re passionate about the marine world, this could be one of the best experiences of your life!

Flyboard in Salou

The flyboard is practiced with an aerial board that is placed under the feet and is connected with a hose to a jet ski. Thanks to the high pressure of the water you can surf, fly and do all kinds of acrobatics while manoeuvring with a joystick. Those who already have a little practice can reach a height of 10 meters above the surface of the water and feel like real superheroes. Escape to Salou and try this new sport; the perfect combination of sun, beach and fun.


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