Between fantasy and reality, thousands of children in the world enjoy Easter celebration, where tradition, values ​​and a family game offers unique experience which will be remembered in adulthood. painted easter eggs One of the most anticipated days for children is Easter Sunday. The protagonist of the celebration is a chocolate Easter bunny and chocolate eggs. For the younger ones it is experience in the form of a game, an illusion that invites them to participate in a Christian tradition, but is also a great opportunity to teach values ​​and concepts in a funny way. The egg as the origin of the universe is found in myths worldwide.

Since the beginning of mankind has been synonymous with fertility and rebirth. It is also a symbol of hope and from the nineteenth century with the appearance of the first bunny and chocolate eggs to celebrate Easter, is also part of the fantasy games of the children in the world. The custom to hide painted eggs in the countryside or in the gardens of the houses, for the joy and delight of the children who find eggs are still held in many countries. Easter has different manifestations in different parts of the world, different civilizations (Chinese, Egyptians, Indians, Persians, Gauls, Romans)have considered egg as a universal symbol of life, associated with the springtimeseason of rebirth.


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