If there is a special route on the Costa Brava, that is the Camí de Ronda. It stands out for its incredible coastline with beautiful views, from where you can see green areas blended with the intense blue of the sea, beautiful coastal landscapes, spectacular beaches and wild nature.

The Camí de Ronda is a spectacular route that is done on foot and it borders the Costa Brava coastline. It runs through narrow trails and forest paths that surround the coast.

Of enormous scenic beauty, its flora and privileged geology make this tour a true paradise for ramblers and hikers. The tour can be done linearly (43 kilometres) or as a loop (140 kilometres).

Camí de Ronda routes

Most Camí de Ronda routes are suitable for all types of public with a minimum of physical condition. We recommend that people who are not used to walking do the shorter and less difficult routes.


This is one of the routes that are in greatest demand. It is 6.5 kilometres long and it can be covered in approximately one hour. It starts from Sant Pol beach and allows you to enjoy Cala Pedrosa. If you are going to take the trip with children, this route is perfect.


It is one of the longest routes, at 10.6 kilometres. It takes 6 hours to complete the journey, but you will visit different coves, such as the one in Castell or the Estreta. The Cap Roig Gardens offer a fantastic panoramic view. In the summer months they are of interest, since an important music festival is held there.

Pals beach

This route is very short. It only takes 50 minutes to cover its 5.3 kilometres. The journey is very easy, because there are not many slopes. During the tour you will enjoy the Cala Moreta and the Sa Riera beach.


Trekking lovers choose this route, as it is one of the most beautiful on the Costa Brava. The path begins in Platja del Racó, an enclave that allows us to see an incredible set of islets: the Medes islands.

The north of Camí de Ronda

If you decide to do the route from the north, you should know that there are three points of interest: Port de la Selva, Cadaqués and Roses. They all invite us to enjoy their great beauty and virgin spaces.

Undoubtedly, the Camí de Ronda is one of the most attractive routes offered by the Costa Brava. Do not hesitate to venture into any of its areas and enjoy its spectacular views!


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