Now you can choose your hotel and room by walking in to the hotel and decide whether you like to stay there or look further.
That’s fantastic!! … we think.

When considering which hotel to book for business or leisure, we always worry about the same issues: How nice is this hotel? What will my room, suite, pool look like? Will all my requirements and expectations be met? Anxieties such as these cause customers to hesitate right at the point of making a booking.

Hotel Pez EspadaA hotel virtual tour is the perfect remedy to such anxieties, providing potential or real customers with the confidence that your hotel will live up to all their expectations. The 3D tours are expertly crafted and easy to use. It’s so simple! Just click on the arrow and move around the hotel. The high resolution 360 virtual tours provide a great preview of what you can experience when staying at our hotels and remove any doubts before you take the next step and book.

You might still like to check the photographs or videos, however a 360 panorama will show any given location in its entirety and accurately reflects the layout and design of the hotel rooms, bathroom, dining areas, pool or any facilities you wish to see.

Our virtual tour of the Medplaya Hotel Pez Espada, Torremolinos is available here:  Virtual tour Hotel Pez Espada


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