Carnival is one of the most lively traditional festivals in Spain. Fancy dress parades are held in every town and city and it is one of the annual must-see events for children and adults alike. In some places, the parades incorporate the chirigotas, a group of musicians who prepare humorous choral songs. 

To end the carnival, the burial of the sardine is traditionally celebrated. It consists of a carnival parade that parodies a funeral procession and ends with the burning of a symbolic figure, usually representing a sardine. 

In Costa del Sol:  

At the Hotel Bali and Balmoral at the Costa del Sol, the carnival will be celebrated in a special and festive way. On February 21st, the hotels will celebrate the Carnival Party, a special entertainment party with many surprises.

The Rivera and Pez Espada hotels will maintain their festive programme at night, but everyone will be able to dress up and enjoy it in a special way. 

In Benidorm:

Carnival at the Hotel Flamingo will be held throughout the day. From 11am games, activities and prizes at the ‘Feria de Carnaval’. From 8pm there will be a Minidisco session, followed by the Disney Magic Show (9pm). At 9.30pm a participatory game will begin and a pirate night will follow with a Swag and Karaoke show.

At Riopark… Games and activities all day long to celebrate Carnival! From 11am, ‘Carnival Fair’, with Conga dance at 2pm; Carnival Quiz at Veranda Bar and Salsa Dance Class at 4pm. From 8pm, great carnival party at the Flamingo Bar, with participatory games, karaoke, Ed Sheeran Show (9pm) and Disney Magic (10.30pm).


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