The most attractive and important area of Torremolinos has been, is and will probably be the emblematic and well-known San Miguel Street. Neither the splendid avenues arising from the natural expansion of the city with their modern design and flashy establishments, nor other places undergoing a thorough restoration, have managed to displace the old, typical and highly personal street Calle San Miguel, known for many years, inside and outside the municipality of Torremolinos, which for more than half a century has attracted a large number of tourists.

Calle San Miguel is situated in a stylish center of the town which is connected with the Costa del Sol square where all traffic flows. Calle San Miguel became a must see for all the tourist visiting Torremolinos and its neigbor cities. This boulevard has establishments of all kinds which suit all tastes. The motion of people is constant throughout the year.
Not surprisingly Torremolinos is one of the coastal points where tourist inflow has exceeded seasonality, although the most noticeable flow is in summer.

Environment is undoubtedly what distinguishes Calle San Miguel of other streets in Torremolinos. Is this cosmopolitanism gained over many years which inspires coziness and closeness of this particular area of Torremolinos.
Nobody in this friendly urban part feels strange, perhaps because everyone finds something familiar and yet so different that it makes you remember the name of Calle San Miguel without really knowing the reason for this pleasant memory.

Torremolinos is located 15 kms away from the provincial capital, Málaga and only 7,5 kms from Málaga-Costa del Sol Airport, about 10 minutes away by car or taxi. Torremolinos has excellent accesses both by road and by railway, with 5 train stations and bus stops, you’ll find it very simple to get to Torremolinos from Málaga airport or from Málaga Train Station.


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