As far as the world beauty is concerned the gardens are surely the crown jewels. The beauty, the style, the plant combination and most of all the history that hides behind them make the gardens unique by nature and purpose. Discover with us the most spectacular gardens of Andalusia.

El jardín Grande, Casa de Pilatos, Sevilla

In the garden of a 15th-century palace that combines late-medieval Gothic and Mudejar style with the innovations of the Renaissance, you’ll find ‘ the Big Garden’. First a palace orchard, with the arrival of the Renaissance it was converted into an archaeological garden with eleven symmetrical flowerbeds surrounding a central fountain. The most interesting plants of the garden are Madagascar Jasmine, an ancient Magnolia and a pergola covered by climbing roses.

Generalife, Granada

Declared a Unesco Heritage site in 1984, the Generalife is one of the oldest surviving Moorish gardens. Built during the reign of Muhmmad III in the 13th century, the name of the garden comes from the Arabic Jannat al-’Arif‎, meaning Architect’s Garden. It was conceived as a resting place for Muslim royalty.

La Concepción Jardín Botánico-Historico de Málaga

The best-preserved garden in Andalusia is located in the north of the city of Malaga. It was created in 1855 by the Marquises of Casa Loring and later extended by the Echevarría-Echevarrieta family. Fountains, waterfalls, staircases and even a palace decorate the landscape of La Concepción. With more than 2,000 species from five continents, this botanical garden is a small paradise


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