As the good weather approaches, we are going to review the 5 best attractions of PortAventura World, the most popular theme park on the Spanish coast, which is very close to Salou.


  1. Furius Baco

It welcomes us as soon as we enter PortAventura Park. Furius Baco is an incredible shuttle in which the adrenaline is the protagonist. Its circuit, inspired by a traditional Mediterranean winery, reaches a speed of 0 to 135 km/h in 3 seconds, experiencing the same sensation of acceleration as a Formula 1 car in a breathtaking 850 metres almost at ground level. And all of that on trains suspended from a rail that leave your feet hanging in the air.


  1. Shambala

Shambhala holds the title of the second highest roller coaster in Europe with 76 meters and the fastest reaching 134 km/h. Set in the architecture of Bhutan’s kingdom, it is undoubtedly the queen of the park. Its name refers to the earthly paradise of the Tibetans, situated, according to legend, beyond the highest peaks of the Himalayan mountain range, so close to the sky that time and gravity are no longer felt in it.

  1. Dragon Khan

Designed to look like you’re riding a runaway dragon, this roller coaster is one of the park’s most famous icons. It premiered with the opening of PortAventura 23 years ago, breaking several records with eight spins and the highest vertical loop in the world with 36 meters. Over the past few years, it has lost titles but remains a major attraction among the world’s 10 highest roller coasters.


  1. Stampida

It is a spectacular wooden roller coaster with a one kilometre climb and descent route where the red and blue trains compete with each other to be the fastest in the Far West at a speed of 70 km/h.


  1. Red Force en Ferrari Land

This new park is an obligatory stop for those who love speed and the Ferrari world. With 11 attractions, the park has the fastest roller coaster (112 km/h) and highest in Europe for its 112 meters of altitude, visible several kilometers away.


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