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Benidorm is a favourite place for both Spaniards and foreigners to enjoy the summer. In this beautiful city on the Valencian coast, the photographer and instagramer Maria Moldes has been able to capture -in her own quainty way- how people enjoy their holidays on the beach and around the city.

The artist focuses on people of all ages and different kinds. Their bodies, their movements and their faces, as well as their accessories, allow for a lot of expressiveness. Moldes tries to be unnoticed among her subjects, although occasionally, they make eye contact with the camera. As a fan of sci-fi and surrealism, she has named one of her photo series “Scenes of radioactive life”, all of them taken with her phone. The scenes under the sun and on the street, have highly vibrant colours which create an effect that matches perfectly the title of the series. Her compositions bring to mind Hitchcock’s films but mixed with Almodóvar’s style, where kitsch and good taste merge resulting in a really curious collection of portraits and images.

Since her account is so popular and has so many followers, Instagram has dedicated a post on their blog praising Maria Moldes’ artistic work on her profile.

We hope that if you come to Benidorm, the muses find you and give you inspiration to make the most of this beautiful and amazing city through your cameras or phones.

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