The day, the sunshine and the beach are very much enjoyed in Málaga; but the night does not fall short on the Costa del Sol. And if we are talking about being well awake at night during our trip in the city, it is almost obligatory to take into account the town of Benalmádena. Good atmosphere, party, music, walks, art and culture are the main ingredients of the nights in this town of Malaga. What can you do at night in Benalmádena?

Dinner and a walk

Opting for a calm and relaxing plan is also a good choice to discover the charms of this city under the moonlight. Benalmádena has restaurants with a typical cuisine of the area, the culture of tapas, terraces and flamenco combined with traditional Spanish cuisine dishes. Some examples are Baboo, Bodegón Parajete, El Embarcadero, Casino or El Mero, among many others.

To round off the night through Benalmádena, what better way than to walk by the beach along the Promenade, or contemplate the sea from a terrace having a beer. Also, in the summer, you can enjoy The Magic Nights of Benalmádena Cable Car, where you will experience an exclusive trip by cable car and spectacular views.


The nightlife in Benalmádena takes place mainly in two areas: Solymar Square and Puerto Marina. There is a wide variety of pubs, nightclubs and bars for tapas, dancing and partying. In the Plaza Solymar, there is one of the best known nightclubs in the area: Kiu, a venue that has 3 floors and rooms with different musical styles for everyone to find their place. Additionally, in Puerto Marina you will find other nightclubs and dance halls such as Valparaiso or La Ola, and also pubs with a terrace like El Desván.


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