Despite the fact that the climate on the Spanish coast is warmer than in the rest of Europe, when the summer is over, the beach takes a second place and it’s the perfect time to discover Benidorm and its charm without so much hustle and bustle.

A very traditional festival in Benidorm is the Moros y Cristianos Festival, one of the most deeply rooted traditions in Spanish culture. In this festival the participants are divided into two sides, Moors and Christians, dressed as in the medieval period of each culture and make different “comparsas”, parades and processions.

In autumn, Benidorm also celebrates its patron saint festivities, the most popular celebrations of the year in the city. The origin of these festivities dates back to 1740, when during a great storm a boat was stranded on its shores. This boat was burned and after that some boys found the image of the Virgin among the remains, which they later took to the church where a chapel was built. This event is staged every year in the Poniente Beach during the main festivities.

And don’t worry: even though the summer is over, Benidorm still offers thousands of plans for all tastes and ages: diving and snorkeling, cycling and hiking, food events, theme parks, shopping… You will not get bored!


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