The capital of the Costa del Sol has endless resources; sea, sun, culture and a unique environment. The essence of its history is felt and lived in its streets, making Malaga a unique and special city. Today we propose a series of activities to get to know Malaga for free.

Castle of Gibralfaro

If you want to take in some beautiful views of the city, head to the fourteenth century Castle of Gibralfaro. The view is ready made for Instagram. From here, you can walk along the wall that connects the castle with the gardens, fountains and beautiful courtyard of the Alcazaba. It’s an ideal place to watch the sunset from here, and it makes for a delightful Sunday afternoon stroll, as after 2pm admission is free.

Urban Art

Since a few years ago the people of Malaga themselves started a movement to turn one of the most central but forgotten neighborhoods of the city into a world reference for art, what is now known as Soho Málaga. In addition to all kinds of establishments related to the artistic world in all its facets -theatre, dance, painting, music, photography…-, art also took the streets of the neighbourhood, transforming the grey walls of its buildings into canvases in which the most important urban artists from all over the world expressed their inspiration.

Pier 1 Port of Malaga and the Palm of Surprises

A popular new neighbourhood for walking is Peir I Port of Malaga, a wide space opened in 2011 that has amazing views of Gibralfaro Castle and Alcazaba. It’s a magical place at night, with bars, restaurants, shops and ice cream parlours. You can walk all the way to the end, where it joins the Malagueta area, and finish up with a swim at the beach or drinks on the promenade. Or both!

Visit their churches

A nice walk through the city entering in some of them will make us marvel with the real works of art that rest in its interior. It is, without a doubt, something we should not miss if we travel to the capital of the Costa del Sol.

Hang out

The people of Malaga are known for being open, friendly, cheerful and hospitable, and we recommend going out after 11.30pm to see just how true this. The best place to do it is Mitjana Square in the old centre of town, which is packed with people and energy every evening. Just show up and mingle!


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