Taste the 5 freshest and tastiest typical Spanish dishes that will relieve the hottest days of summer. You will be able to taste them among the great gastronomical offer offered by all the restaurants of the Medplaya Hotels. Which one do you want to try first?

1. Seafood splash

There are countless variations of what has become one of the typical dishes of Spanish gastronomy. The Seafood Splash can be served cold or hot, although it is more common to find it on summer menus.

2. Crudités salad with yoghurt and mint sauce

In the heat of the day, refreshing and light meals are a must. The raw fruit and vegetable salad (cucumber, apple, carrot, raisins) with yoghurt sauce, mint and vinaigrette, will soften the warm atmosphere that is about to arrive and its flavour will undoubtedly remind you of Mediterranean gastronomy.

3. Cod with tender garlic and clams

When temperatures rise, you want less meat and more fish. We propose to have in the pantry the dish of cod with tender garlic and clams, which with its tasty cod with onion, tender garlic, sherry, clams, green asparagus, fumet, virgin olive oil and spices, we ensure that they will delight any palate.

4. Paella

The word paella, in Catalan, means to the frying pan, and despite its many variations there is an ingredient that is always present: rice. It is said that the traditional paella was a mixture of rice with those foods that the farmers had at hand: chicken, rabbit and vegetables. But over the years, the recipe has evolved and it is usual to find mixed with rice, in addition to the mountain elements, typical seafood accessories (such as cuttlefish or prawns). Watch out! Few people know the secret to preparing a good paella and MedPlaya’s restaurants are one of them.

5. Horchata

Do you need a drink? And nothing could be more refreshing than a cold glass of horchata. The creamy white drink, made from the chufa plant and served ice cold, with a touch (or a tad more) of sugar, isn’t only rejuvenating on a hot summer day, it is cooling from the inside, making it a perfect snack.


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