When someone thinks about Benidorm their first thought is “sun and beach”, and although this Valencian city really does have paradise-like beaches, there are plenty of activities to do in and around Benidorm. Here are 5 things you can do beyond the clichés. Oh! And none of them on the beach!

1 – The waterfalls of Algar
If you want to freshen up, go to the Algar fountains and waterfalls. Once there, you have to walk 1’5km on a path suitable for adults and children. There are bathing areas for the whole family for a small fee. Do not miss this natural jewel or the cactus garden, with over 500 species. The waterfalls are 13km from Benidorm, and you will need a car since public transport does not reach the area.

2- Walk in Sierra Helada park
Sierra Helada is a natural park near Benidorm, located to the north. Walking through the park you can go over cliffs that are over 300m tall and will be a great balcony to enjoy the views of the Mediterranean. It’s a trip that the whole family can enjoy. Download the routes here:

3 – The archaeological visit
Iberians, Romans, Moors, … they all left a footprint in Benidorm that can be visited today. If you go to Tossal de la Cala, you will find an Iberian settlement that was once a popular commercial and boat landing area at that time. The location provided a great lookout from the Mirador de la Punta Canfali to control for pirate attacks in the Arab period (14th, 15th and 16th century).

4 – Discover Benidorm on a horse
There are several companies that organize riding tours on horse. It is a different way to discover Benidorm; riding through pine forests and among nature you can enjoy the views of the Bay of Benidorm. If you want to see the city in a different way, think of doing it up on a horse!

5 – Dinner in a medieval castle
This activity includes dinner and a play. The Arabs occupied Valencia for centuries and their struggle with Christians has become a part of its history. With this activity you can experience Valencia in medieval times, witnessing the rivalry between a christian troubadour and a arabic merchant from the caliphate. Don’t miss this fun dinner with “Moors and Christians”.


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