Spanish cuisine can be, among other things, special for those who visit us. Today we are going to acknowledge dishes that many people would not believe other people eat them, or why they are even popular here.



They are long onions that are cooked on the grill, dipped in romesco sauce and eaten standing up. It doesn’t seem like a very appetizing dish, but when you try it for the first time you will understand why Catalans love it. If you decide to spend your holidays in Catalonia you will be able to enjoy them in many restaurants during the spring months. And remember to bring spare clothes in case you get ashes on your clothes!


The use of olive oil

Frying, cooking, seasoning, maceration…. Olive oil is an essential product in our cuisine and unlike other countries, we use it for almost all dishes in one way or another.



Although it is not one of the most popular dishes in Spanish cuisine, some regions have a great devotion for snails. You will probably be surprised by its popularity in Catalonia, considering that for many of you it can be a nausea triggering animal.


To take advantage of everything of the pig

The Spanish proverb does not deceive, “from the pig you can eat even its walkings”. One of the star products is found in the legs. Ham is tremendously loved by those who visit us. But many of you will be surprised when you read on the menu of the restaurants that you can ask for pig’s hands, ears, brains, nose, tongue….

Just as you can eat every part of its body, you can also stuff it. The morcilla embutida, for example, is made from its coagulated blood, a fact that surprises many travelers. If you are from Great Britain, don’t confuse it with black pudding!



For the Spanish, this is an alternative to elvers. However, tourists, whether they are elvers or goulas, may look like “worms” made with garlic and chilli pepper. Don’t be fooled by their appearance, they’re really tasty!


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