We all dread packing to go on a trip and, once we’ve managed to do it, we have the feeling that we’re forgetting something important. Before leaving home, we go over everything that’s essential and shouldn’t forget. But the feeling of missing something is almost inevitable. Anyway, we are going to mention 10 things that you must have in your suitcase, to make it a bit easier.

Clothes: essential for your day to day and, obviously, for any trip. Take some time to choose your clothes, of course, as depending on the season, the place you’re visiting and the kind of trip, you’ll need different kinds of clothes.

ID: essential in order to travel and leave a country lawfully. If you don’t have a valid ID card or passport, you won’t be able to cross borders. A good piece of advice is to always travel with a photocopy of your ID card or passport, in case of theft or loss.

Credit card: at many hotels it’s necessary to deposit a credit card as a guarantee, as well as in car rental. In addition, travelling with a credit card affords financial security in case of emergency, and also means you don’t have to carry a lot of cash on you.

First-aid kit: Plasters, sun cream, bandages or insect repellent can’t be missing in your suitcase, since you may need them at any time. Remember to bring your medication if you’re undergoing treatment.

Photo camera: whether it’s your mobile or a photo camera, take with you a device that can capture moments. You’ll then have a memento of the trip in photographic format and you can relive it as many times as you want.

Chargers: every electrical device needs energy, so before leaving home, remember to pack a mobile phone charger, or one for your camera or any other device that needs to be charged.

Vanity case: essential for personal hygiene. A toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant and shower gel should be in your suitcase. Although some hotels offer these, it’s better to bring some just in case.

Towel: it’s one of the bulkiest things in your suitcase, but it’s very important. You can opt for a smaller one or an easily foldable one to save space.

Flip-flops: obviously, flip-flops are always present on a sun and beach trip. If this is not your trip, they are still necessary, either as slippers at the hotel or in the shower.

Shoes: comfortable ones! During your holiday you’re likely to make trips or visits, so prepare comfortable and optimal footwear for the needs of your trip.


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