This time we decided to create for you a list of 10 basic slang words often used by Spaniards in daily communication.
Before you travel to Spain make sure you take the list with you before you start hitting up the tapas bars and enjoying the Spanish lifestyle.
The Spanish language has a long and varied history and within Spain there exist a dozen of spoken languages. While Spain has many different languages, the following words are used and understood by Spaniards nationwide.

1. Vale = Ok
If there’s one word you should know, it’s this one. You’ll hear it everywhere. It means Okay, alright, sounds good, I’ve got it.
2. Buenas = Hello
It means hello and it can be used at any time of day!
3. Tío/tía = Guy/girl, man/woman
An informal way to refer to someone. You might think everyone is calling each other aunt and uncle at first. But they are not.
4. Guay = Cool
When saying ‘guay’ they mean something is cool.
5. ¿Qué tal? = How are you?
Usually the first thing someone says when first seeing someone else or greeting him/her. The typical response is ‘bien’which means good.
6. No pasa nada = Don’t worry about it
The Spanish way of saying it’s all good.
7. ¡Venga ya!/ ¡Venga hombre!= No way!/Come on!
It’s the Spanish way of expressing disbelief.
8. Pincho or Tapas= Small dishes
If you go up north, you’ll want to order pinchos. They’re basically the same as tapas, though pinchos are usually bigger than tapas.
9. Pasta = Money
It means money and not spaghetti.
10. ‘Sta luego = See you later
It’s a short version of ‘hasta luego’, and used much more often than adiós.

Qué guay! Now having this list you can travel to Spain and make the most of your Spanish holidays!

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