Excursion to Gibraltar from the Pez Espada hotel

Excursion to Gibraltar from the Pez Espada hotel

Trip to Gibraltar

The time machine has stopped in the 19th century in order to accommodate travellers of the new millennium. Tourists, researchers, nature lovers and the inquisitive are drawn to this chunk of land bathed by Mediterranean waters in search of some kind of secret.

The Rock of Gibraltar hides within its interior a multitude of cavities used by its first settlers as refuge, and kilometres of tunnels that man has excavated in the rock over the centuries. Today, this huge block of limestone, converted into a nature reserve, provides a home for valuable flora and fauna, with its special peppering of the infamous monkeys always trying to claim back the land from man. At its feet, in the Mediterranean, the dolphins play at "surrounding" the rock. Meanwhile, in the city, the hustle and bustle of business starts in the early hours of the morning. A peculiar mixture of cultures and styles, Gibraltar is a special place on the Iberian Peninsula, in that the rock provides a spectacular scenic view of the African coast.

If you book this package, with your stay at the Hotel Pez Espada you will be able to take the opportunity to visit Gibraltar and enjoy a full day out, with a tour of the city in minibus and a visit to the caves of San Miguel, depending on the monkeys!

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