Costa del Sol, an amazing destination

Traveling is always a great experience, many people travel to enjoy their holidays and escape the stress of everyday life. There are also those who travel to celebrate an event or wants to discover new horizons. Today we take you Continue reading

Exploring Málaga and the Costa del Sol

Málaga is one of the most friendly destinations in Europe with good weather, warm people, great food and drink and relatively inexpensive by European standards. The province of Málaga offers beaches, mountains, sceneries and heritage sites that make it attract Continue reading

Calle San Miguel- A must visit in Torremolinos

The most attractive and important area of Torremolinos has been, is and will probably be the emblematic and well-known San Miguel Street. Neither the splendid avenues arising from the natural expansion of the city with their modern design and flashy Continue reading

Beautiful Andalusia

Andalucia is the south east region of Spain and probably one of the most beautiful and most diverse places in terms of landscape  than any other in Spain. The Spanish place name Andalucía was introduced into the spanish language in Continue reading

The tallest buildings of Andalusia

Andalusia has no ‘skyscrapers’ comparable to those in Madrid. However, in some municipalities in the west of Almeria, an area with strong economic growth, are being projected buildings to overcome the barrier of 100 meters. The two tallest buildings are Continue reading

The golden age of the Costa del Sol

In the 50’s, especially 60’s and 70’s the Malaga Costa del Sol experienced a tourist boom without precedent. Foreign exchange and currency came as fresh air in the country: the phenomenon of tourism exceeded the purely economic to encompass other aspects-social, cultural, artistic, ideological, at that time insufficiently explored. Spanish films dedicated to the Costa del Sol at the time we Continue reading

History of La Carihuela in Torremolinos

The story of La Carihuela is the story of many small and poor neighborhoods of the coast in Torremolinos. This was another fishing district where have lived  fishermen and working people of the town of Torremolinos.  During the years of Continue reading