Interview to Manager of Hotel Rio Park


José Miralpeix on his 70th Birthday

Some of you might already know this man, and some others might even know him quite well.

He is the Manager of Med Playa Hotel Rio Park**, a Hotel awarded in 2008 the Best 3T Hotel in the World, voted by customers of Thomson Holidays. It is indeed an icon in Benidorm (Alicante, Spain), and truly appreciated hotel by its numerous repeat Guests who even visit us many times a year.

José Miralpeix is now 71 years old (although he does seem to be a lot younger with all the energy that this ‘young at heart’ has!), and he has been managing the Rio Park since the moment it opened its doors, when he was 30.

In July of 2011, on the occasion of the Hotel’s 40th Anniversary and Mr Miralpeix’s 70th birthday, we celebrated a very emotive event with music, food, dancing, laughter, tears and cake.

Here is a video summary of the event (I still cry whenever I watch it!):

And you can check the photos on Rio Park’s Facebook Page and get to know who’s who!

Miralpeix recently agreed to have an interview with the Town Hall to talk about his life, the hotel and its Guests. It has been published on their blog.

And we wish to share it with you too:

Once again, we are grateful to you all for making this possible!!

Thank you to those who chose us, those who came back year after year, those who recommended us, those who follow us on Facebook and leave a review on Trip Advisor, those who are still coming!

And happy holidays  :-)

The Rio Park Management & Staff

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Hotel Rio Park, before and after

4 thoughts on “Interview to Manager of Hotel Rio Park

  1. Hallo liebes Rio Park Team, meine Eltern u. ich sind immer wieder gerne zum Hotel Rio Park gekommen, weil alle so nett und freundlich waren. Es waren unsere schönsten Urlaube.
    Wir wünschen weiterhin viel Erfolg mit diesem Hotel und vielen lieben Dank nochmal an José für die ganzen schönen Jahre, leider haben wir uns im Jahr 2000 das letztemal gesehen. Ich hoffe, dass ich ein paar Jahren mal wieder nach Benidorm kommen kann. Viele liebe Grüsse an alle vom Hotel Rio Park u. an José, Mach weiter so. Muchas gracías por todos de la familia Jaeger.:-)

    • Hallo Anja,

      Vielen Dank fuer Ihre Wuensche und wir hoffen Sie bald wieder im Hotel zu sehen.

      Mit Dank und freundlichen Grueßen

      Hotel Rio Park

  2. Eso es, comó José a dicho, todos del personal estan amable y mí familía y yo disfrutan todas las vacaciones.
    Muchas Gracías a todos del Hotel Rio Park.
    Rio Park es el mejor Hotel del todo del Benidorm-
    Muchas saludos de familía Jaeger.

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