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The objective of Med Playa Management, S.L. is to administer and manage hotels and aparthotels. Our head offices are at Passeig General Mendoza 1, 6, Girona, Spain. Telephone: 972 205 212, fax: 972 218930, company website: www.medplaya.com.

The company was founded in 1967 and its main activity is to manage hotels. We currently operate thirteen hotels making up the Med Playa Hotels chain and, as the result of an agreement with TUI Travel and Grupo Mar, we provide the management for the Flamingo Oasis Hotel in Benidorm and the Bella Vista Hotel in Sinemorets (Bulgaria).

Med Playa Management, S.L. specialises in beach hotels. The chain's hotels are situated on the Costa Brava and the Maresme coast, in Salou and Benidorm, on the Costa del Sol and next to the Black Sea. We manage a total of 3,363 rooms providing beds for up to 6,954 guests at any one time.

Whilst not originally operating under the name of Med Playa, the company began to construct several hotels in Benidorm in 1967 and 1968. Since then the group has expanded its operations opening other hotels in Spain's main tourist resorts: Torremolinos and Benalmadena on the Costa del Sol; Benidorm on the Costa Blanca; Salou on the Costa Daurada; Calella on the  Maresme coast; and Tossa and Platja d'Aro (Playa de Aro) on the Costa Brava.

The company's management team is highly experienced in the running of hotel businesses. However, the activity of Med Playa goes beyond this to include a wide range of businesses related to the hotel industry.

Apart from the hotels owned and managed by Med Playa, the group also owns warehouses and other premises used by General Compras Hoteleras S.L., the chain's purchasing division, and our laundry company (www.bugaderiadaurada.com). General Compras Hoteleras S.L. was founded in 1996 and has warehouses in Benidorm and Vila-seca. Its objective is to coordinate efficiently the supply of the hotels, centrally controlling and supervising the cost and quality of the products which are bought.


1.- Joint Venture with TUI AG and Grupo Mar. This joint venture company, Safeharbour Investments S.L., owns the Hotel Flamingo Oasis in Benidorm (396 rooms) and the Hotel Bella Vista in Sinemorets (Bulgaria), which are both specialized all-inclusive hotels. Safeharbour Investments is currently seeking new hotel investments to meet the needs of the clients of TUI UK and TUI Nordic both in Spain and other countries (www.granresorthotels.com).

2.- Quick Chef, S.L. The aim of this company is to prepare food for the hotel and catering sector. Quick Chef, whose premises are in Reus, prepare everything from sandwiches and picnics to specialised vegetarian and ethnic meals. As well as simplifying processes in hotel kitchens, the advantages of using Quick Chef products range from the guarantee of the highest standards of food hygiene to being able to increase the offer of food available with a smaller outlay of resources (www.quickchef.es).

3.- Restaurants Excel S.L. This company began its activities at the end of 2004 and exploits restaurants franchised by the Zena restaurant group, essentially under the Foster's and Il Tempietto brand names. Med Playa has an agreement with Zena for the opening of Foster's restaurants in Catalonia and Andorra and currently has five restaurants in operation in Barcelona and Girona.

4.- Lavandería Hotelera Andaluza, SA. is a company whose corporate purpose is renting bed and table linen to the hotel and catering trade. This laundrette, based in Archidona (Málaga), serves the whole of east Andalusia, (www.lavanderiahotelera.com).

5.- Efimàtica Assessorament Informàtic S.L. es una empresa fundada en Girona que ofrece servicios y productos  de  las Tecnologías de la Información y Comunicaciones (TIC) de ámbito internacional. Su equipo de profesionales con más de 20 años de experiencia, aporta a sus clientes soluciones de asesoramiento, consultoría y soporte con profesionalidad, calidad  y precios competitivos.



Hotel Monterrey              H-GE-2107        Calypso & Monterrey, S.A.u.  Tomo 116, Folio 175, Hoja GE-2150, Inscrip. 9ª

Aparthotel Esmeraldas     H-GE-2157        Apartossa, S.A.u.                 Tomo 102, Folio 82, Hoja GE-1860, Inscrip. 8ª

Aparthotel San Eloy         HG-02226         Aparthotel San Eloy, S.A.u.  Tomo 486, Folio 139, Hoja GI-9401, Inscrip. 13ª

Hotel Santa Mónica         HB-01703          Industrias Turisticas Callella, S.A.u. Tomo 7862, Folio 127, Hoja B-32450, Inscrip. 8ª

Hotel Calypso                 H-T-626           Calypso & Monterrey, S.A.u.   Tomo 116, Folio 175, Hoja GE-2150, Inscrip. 9ª

Hotel Regente                HA-798            Grur, S.A.u.                           Tomo 143, Folio 33, Hoja GE-2589, Inscrip. 12ª

Hotel Rio-Park                HA-800            Hotelera Europa Benidorm, S.A.u.Tomo 7723, Folio 71, Hoja B-28153, Inscrip. 6ª

Hotel Riudor                   HA-799            Riudor, S.A.u.                       Tomo 7723, Folio 95, Hoja B-10859, Inscrip. 4ª
Hotel Flamingo               HA-1234          Safeharbour One, S.L.U          Tomo 33450, Folio 68, Hoja B-232191, Inscrip. 1ª

Hotel Balmoral                                     Hoteles Sol del Sur, S.A.        Tomo 122, Folio 130, hoja GI-2246, Inscrip. 12ª

Hotel Bali                       H-MA-959        Dorsol, S.A.u.                        Tomo 45, Folio 167, Hoja GE-857, Inscrip. 12ª
Hotel Riviera                  H-MA-00513     Riviera, S.A.u.                       Tomo 177, Folio 82, Hoja GE-3229, Inscrip. 11ª

Hotel Pez Espada           H-MA-00059    Circulo Alfenus, S.L.U         Tomo 28185, Folio 105, Hoja B-133130, Inscrip. 1ª


1st Med Playa has a well organised and centralised structure for the management of hotels. The key departments of Accounting and Finances, Human Resources, Information Technology, and Sales and Marketing are very well staffed.

2nd Additionally we have our own purchasing division, which makes it possible to take advantage of economies of scale and facilitates negotiations with suppliers.

3rd In addition, we have two of our own laundrettes that rent out hotel linen.

4th We are shareholders and participate in the management of a catering company serving the hotel industry, which supplies our hotels with pre-prepared dishes. This service has a complementary role providing a back-up reserve for the kitchens of our hotels.

5th Commercially the fact that we are partners of TUI Travel Ltd. in a hotel industry joint venture means that we have close contact and an excellent cooperative relationship with Europe's leading tour operator.

6th In 2008 we introduced new SAP hotel management software. The introduction of this software greatly strengthens the administrative processes of our hotels and enables the connectivity of all the on-line sales agents through our own website.


Med Playa is a hotel chain that specialises in coastal holidays. We began at the same time as the first tourists started coming to Spain. Since then we have specialised in giving great holidays to visitors to our country. We know that they are the details that make all the difference and we pay great attention to getting these right. A friendly service, good food, comfortable rooms and a pleasant atmosphere are for us the key to great holidays. Our objective as a company is to provide quality holidays at competitive prices.

Quality for us means providing comfortable, modern, well-equipped rooms with all the necessary supporting services; these services include laying on varied, nutritious food adapted to the tastes of our guests, never forgetting that many of our hotels are family orientated; quality for Med Playa also means making our guests feel welcome with a genuinely friendly service: not one of forced, theatrical friendliness but rather a service displaying the warmth of our staff, who truly enjoy serving our guests; it also means putting on quality entertainment, both with regard to games and sports activities and the evening entertainments, with shows given by professionals, the guests themselves, and members of our own staff.

Competitive pricing means offering prices that are concordant with  the quality and service that we provide. Try and imagine planning a holiday for the whole of your family taking as a reference the prices we offer on our website. We are sure that you will be pleasantly surprised at how reasonable the cost is. We are able to offer these competitive prices thanks to the depth of our experience in the hotel business. Many years of work have taught us how to adjust our costs without harming the quality of our service, so that our guests get the very best value for money.

Our mission is reflected in the values that characterise the philosophy of Med Playa Management SL and its performance as a responsible company: the emphasis is on people, good business sense, environmental responsibility and innovation.
Med Playa is committed to the environment and conducts all of its business activities in line with the principles of sustainable development, progressively introducing policies to ensure good environmental practices in all of the chain's hotels.
The chain has introduced policies ranging from resource rationalisation (energy, water, etc.), the reduction in residue production and selective waste collection to guidelines ensuring respect for local flora and fauna as well as the cultural heritage of the places where Med Playa does business.
Innovation forms part of the culture of Med Playa. Since 2007 we have held an internal competition that awards the ingenuity of our workers. These prizes have the dual aim of throwing up imaginative new ideas for improvements in our work and of making sure that the voice of our staff is heard. Med Playa also has an innovation team to evaluate and develop new projects and ideas.

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Med Playa is a group of thirteen hotels located at the beach resorts that made Spain famous: Torremolinos and Benálmadena on the Costa del Sol, Benidorm on the Costa Blanca, Salou on the Costa Dorada, Calella on the Costa del Maresme, Tossa de Mar and Platja d'Aro (Playa de Aro) on the Costa Brava.